Luxembourg – O.E.C

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is situated at the heart of Europe, sharing borders with Belgium, France and Germany. Excellent international and modern communication links, a very well-developed transport network, a skilled professional and social environment, an international atmosphere and social and political stability are just some of the advantages of Luxembourg.

It is the combination of these factors with a very modern and competitive legal environment in banking and finance which has favored the development of Luxembourg’s “Financial Centre”. Numerous foreign businesses have become established in Luxembourg or have made it an important stage in their financial and legal activities at European and international level.

As member of OEC (Ordre des Experts Comptables in Luxemburg), the company G&G Associates can domicile Luxemburgish companies which do not need distinct registered office.
Numerous trust companies and law firms specialized in finance and tax matters offer their services to international clientele.

The Chartered accountant is taking care of all administrative, social, accountant and tax aspects in relation to the Luxemburgish entity.

Our business and legal approvals put us in the category of companies subject to professional secrecy. This is not an empty word in Luxemburg.

Visit the OEC website (Ordre des Experts Comptables Luxembourg) :